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I'm Frippery

Based in Kerkdriel, the Netherlands, I'm an illustrator and visual artist, collaborating with museums, magazines, and scientists to visually explore diverse research areas.


A key element in my work is optics, both practical and conceptual. I use visual tricks to mimic natural phenomena and make you think about how we see and make sense of things around us.


Self Portrait Rabbit

curiouser and curiouser...

Exploration, science fiction, and scientific wonders inspire my creation of immersive universes. 


I infuse my illustrations with a sense of tangible reality by handcrafting textures and objects and blending them digitally.


Presenting surprising images, I prompt new ideas and renew our sense of wonder.

I've worked with

NEMO Kennislink, Achmea, BMGN, Betweter Festival,
Nieuw Tij Projectontwikkeling, NVMO, Rijkswaterstaat, JEKA,
ZIMIHC, Utrecht Tekent and Princess Máxima Center. 

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